Finebau Motociclo Aero-Plus Lite™ Fuel injection compensator modules
* The special automatic e.f.1.module for 4 or 8 Valve Moto Guzzi Engines 750 - 1200cc
* Instantly improve low to mid-range flexibility and power delivery across the range.
* Automatic controller with external temperature sensor and 8 step A.F.R. regulator.
* Provides fuel enrichment to compensate for after market exhaust systems.
* Enables the limiting or completely dialling out of over-run backfiring.
* Smooths throttle control and improves low speed engine characteristics
* British made to ISO 9001 for accurate and reliable fuel injection control.

Rugged and reliable plug in electronic modules that are easy to fit with no specialist knowledge or tools needed. These units contain a miniaturised high accuracy inlet air temperature control system designed by Finebau Moto Electronics and produced by a leading British ISO 9001 electronic equipment manufacturer located in the Industrial centre of England. The printed circuit boards are then individually and carefully hand built and assembled into the finished control modules in the Finebau workshops, and finally inspected and tested before packing and delivery to the customer.
This module with the external comparator sensor, enables fully automatic tuning to add extra fuel, particularly in the 'closed loop' area of the fuel map to overcome the lean mixture required to meet emission regulaions, which in most bikes causes the stalling and erratic low speed performance problems that are widely documented and recognised as a 'lean burn' feature of modern motorcycle control systems. This product gives an alternative to the lambda tuners and has been designed to enhance the low and mid range performance of most fuel injected motorcycles. These have been successfully road tested on the Moto Guzzi models listed at the top of the Heritage page. Particularly suitable for all Moto Guzzi 4 valve fuel injected engines: Norge, Sport, Griso, Stelvio Breva, California and '04-'09 V750 single Lambda controlled machines. For 2010-2014 models, the 8 Jet Aero plus module is also now available, giving an economical solution for tuning and smoothing the twin lambda machines with the same well proven automatic fuel compensation system employed for single units, and of course giving an economical alternative to the Dual 8 Jet modules
Each Aero-Plus Unit is Individually Hand Built to Order and Guaranteed Effective.